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Shropshire Electricians, Electrical Services & Electrical Contractors

We offer a complete range of electrical services

Shropshire Domestic Electricians

We cover all aspects of domestic electrical work in houses, studios, flats, apartments, etc. providing a number of domestic electrical services to private homeowners, landlords, estate agents and property management companies in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Shropshire Commercial Electricians

We cover all aspects of commercial electrical installations and electrical maintenance for shops, showrooms, hotels, restuarants, pubs, bars, night clubs and other retail and leisure premises in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Shropshire Electricians, Electrical Services & Electrical Contractors

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Arms), Norton-in-Hales (Market Drayton), Nox (Shrewsbury), Padmore (Church Stretton), Pant (Oswestry), Pant Glas (Oswestry), Park Hall (Oswestry), Pave Lane (Newport), Peaton (Craven Arms), Peatswood (Market Drayton), Pell Wall (Market Drayton), Pen-y-Bont (Oswestry), Pennerley (Shrewsbury), Pentre (Shrewsbury), Pentrecoed (Ellesmere), Penybontfawr (Oswestry), Peplow (Market Drayton), Picklescott (Church Stretton), Pickstock (Newport), Pipe Gate (Market Drayton), Plaish (Church Stretton), Platt Lane (Whitchurch), Plowden (Lydbury North), Pontesbury (Shrewsbury), Porth-y-Waen (Oswestry), Posenhall (Broseley), Poynton (Telford), Prees (Whitchurch), Prees Green (Whitchurch), Prees Heath (Whitchurch), Presthope (Much Wenlock), Preston (Telford), Preston Brockhurst (Shrewsbury), Preston Gubbals (Shrewsbury), Preston Montford (Shrewsbury), Priorslee (Telford), Puleston (Newport), Pulverbatch (Shrewsbury), Quatford (Bridgnorth), Queens Head (Oswestry), Ragdon (Church Stretton), Ratlinghope (Shrewsbury), Red Bull (Market Drayton), Red Lake (Telford), Redbrook Maelor (Whitchurch), Redhill (Telford), Rhiwlas (Oswestry), Rhosygadfa (Oswestry), Rhydycroesau (Oswestry), Richards Castle (Ludlow), Rock Green (Ludlow), Roden (Telford), Rodington (Shrewsbury), Romsley (Bridgnorth), Rosehill (Market Drayton), Roughton (Bridgnorth), Rowton (Telford), Ruckley (Shifnal), Rushbury (Church Stretton), Ruyton XI Towns (Shrewsbury), Ryton (Shifnal), Sambrook (Newport), Sandford (Whitchurch), Seifton (Ludlow), Seifton (Craven Arms), Selattyn (Oswestry), Shavington Park (Market Drayton), Shawbury (Shrewsbury), Shelton (Shrewsbury), Sheriffhales (Shifnal), Shipton (Much Wenlock), Shirlowe (Telford), Showell (Newport), Shrawardine (Shrewsbury), Shray Hill (Telford), Sibdon (Craven Arms), Sidbury (Bridgnorth), Sidway (Market Drayton), Six Ashes (Bridgnorth), Smethcott (Church Stretton), Snailbeach (Shrewsbury), Snedshill (Telford), Snitton (Ludlow), Sodylt (Ellesmere), Soudley (Church Stretton), Soudley (Market Drayton), Spring Village (Telford), St Georges (Telford), St Martins (Oswestry), Stableford (Bridgnorth), Stanmore (Bridgnorth), Stanton (Shifnal), Stanton Lacy (Ludlow), Stanton Long (Much Wenlock), Stanton upon Hine Heath (Shrewsbury), Steel Heath (Whitchurch), Steventon (Ludlow), Stirchley (Telford), Stockton (Newport), Stoke Heath (Market Drayton), Stoke on Tern (Market Drayton), Stoke St Milborough (Ludlow), Stokesay (Craven Arms), Strefford (Craven Arms), Stretton Westwood (Much Wenlock), Styche (Market Drayton), Sugden (Telford), Sutton (Market Drayton), Sutton (Newport), Sutton Heath (Market Drayton), Sutton Hill (Telford), Sutton Maddock (Shifnal), Sutton Wood (Shifnal), Swancote (Bridgnorth), Sweeney (Oswestry), Sychtyn (Oswestry), Tasley (Bridgnorth), Tern Hill (Market Drayton), Terrick (Whitchurch), Tetchill (Ellesmere), Tetchill Moor (Ellesmere), The Brow (Ellesmere), The Dean (Broseley), The Down (Bridgnorth), The Hem (Shifnal), The Home (Bishops Castle), The Perthy (Ellesmere), The Rock (Telford), The Trench (Ellesmere), The Wyke (Shifnal), Tibberton (Newport), Ticklerton (Church Stretton), Tilstock (Whitchurch), Tittenley (Market Drayton), Tong (Shifnal), Tong Norton (Shifnal), Totterton (Lydbury North), Town Centre (Telford), Treflach (Oswestry), Trefonen (Oswestry), Trench (Telford), Tugford (Craven Arms), Tushingham (Whitchurch), Twyford (Oswestry), Tybroughton (Whitchurch), Vauxhall (Newport), Vernolds Common (Craven Arms), Walcot (Telford), Walford Heath (Shrewsbury), Walkmills (Church Stretton), Wall-under-Heywood (Church Stretton), Walton (Newport), Wappenshall (Telford), Waters Upton (Telford), Waymills (Whitchurch), Wellington (Telford), Welshampton (Ellesmere), Wem (Shrewsbury), Wenlock Edge (Much Wenlock), Wentnor (Bishops Castle), Wern-Ddu (Oswestry), West Felton (Oswestry), Westbury (Shrewsbury), Westhope (Craven Arms), Weston (Oswestry), Weston (Shrewsbury), Weston Heath (Shifnal), Weston Lullingfields (Shrewsbury), Weston Rhyn (Oswestry), Weston-Jones (Newport), Weston-under-Lizard (Shifnal), Weymouth (Market Drayton), Wheathill (Bridgnorth), Whettleton (Craven Arms), Whitemere (Ellesmere), Whitewell (Whitchurch), Whittington (Oswestry), Whitton (Ludlow), Whixall (Whitchurch), Wigwig (Much Wenlock), Wilkesley (Whitchurch), Willaston (Whitchurch), Willey (Broseley), Willoughbridge (Market Drayton), Winnington (Market Drayton), Wirswall (Whitchurch), Wistanstow (Craven Arms), Wistanswick (Market Drayton), Withington (Shrewsbury), Wollerton (Market Drayton), Woodbatch (Bishops Castle), Woodcote (Newport), Woodhill (Oswestry), Woodseaves (Market Drayton), Woodside (Telford), Woofferton (Ludlow), Woolstaston (Church Stretton), Woolston (Church Stretton), Woolston (Oswestry), Wootton (Bridgnorth), Worfield (Bridgnorth), Worthen (Shrewsbury), Wrekin (Telford), Wrockwardine (Telford), Wrockwardine Wood (Telford), Wroxeter (Shrewsbury), Wyke (Much Wenlock), Yockleton (Shrewsbury), Yorton Heath (Shrewsbury).

Domestic Installer

NICEIC has been assessing the technical competence of electricians for over 50 years. Their aim is to protect everyone who uses electricity from unsafe electrical installations in their homes, places of work and leisure. To achieve this, they maintain a register of electricians that comply with the various standards, codes of practice and scheme rules.

Electrical Services

  • Domestic and Industrial Electrical Maintenance
  • Fuse Board Replacement
  • Testing / Inspection & Certification
  • Landlord's Reports
  • Exterior and Interior Lighting for kitchens, bathrooms
  • Fire Alarms and domestic Smoke Alarms
  • Door Entry Systems and Security systems
  • Commercial/industrial power & lighting
  • Domestic premises
  • Electrical fault finding
  • Electrical surveys
  • Periodic inspecting & testing
  • Security lighting for domestic, commercial and industrial
  • Mains & sub mains
  • 3 phase electricity supplies

Electrical Problems

We are fully qualified and approved for all industrial, commercial or domestic electrical emergencies, projects and installations. Call us to discuss any residential or industrial electrical work in Shropshire from changing a broken socket to a complete electrical rewire or an electrical inspection and test.

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