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Aqualite Outdoor Waterproof TV Screens

Aqualite Outdoor are manufacturers of commercial grade, specialist, IP66 rated outdoor LCD and LED TV digital display screens.

These waterproof and weather resistant LCD and LED High Definition TV are perfect for industrial, commercial and residential installations for ‘24/7 use’ and suitable for harsh and extreme outdoor conditions.

Perfect for installation in gardens and patios, bathrooms, hot-tub and pool areas, Aqualite Outdoor TV display screens are also suitable for use in harsh and extreme conditions such as factories, food processing facilities, mines, quarries, farms, construction sites, shops, schools, hospitals and are guaranteed to keep working perfectly in arctic, desert or even tropical locations.

Aqualite Outdoor TVs are all IP66 rated and are not to be confused with a regular TV housed in an often bulky separate enclosure or protective casings. Aqualite Outdoor TV display screens are purpose-built and can withstand all water, moisture, damp, humidity, extreme heat and cold.

From watching your favourite TV shows in the bathroom to managing and displaying digital advertising content and public information at major outdoor events, the Aqualite range of all-weather TV panels offer the highest possible quality for all domestic and commercial uses.

Available in either High Brightness or Standard Brightness and in a choice of screen sizes 26” 32” 42” 55” 65” 70” and 82″, other screen sizes are available to order.

Fully Sealed TV Screens

If the weather is damp or wet, our TV screens are 100 % waterproof and weatherproof and are resistant to all moisture including fog, mist, rain, sleet and snow and also pollution, dust and insects.

Thermostatically Controlled

If the weather is too hot or too cold, the thermostat ensures that the TV remains at the very best working temperatures even though external temperatures may range from -20C to +55C.

Anti Glare TV Screens

If the weather is too bright, our anti glare & anti reflective screen coatings ensure TV pictures are fully readable outdoors in bright sun shine and inside in bright artificial lights.

High Brightness TV Screens

If the weather is dull or overcast, our back-lit LED TV screen’s in-built sensors will automatically adjust the brightness level to give the best possible picture whilst helping to save energy.

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