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Domestic & Residential Electricians In Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Mike Roberts Electrical Services Ltd are domestic and residential electricians in Shrewsbury. We deliver electrical installations, maintenance and repairs to local authorities, housing associations, private homeowners, landlords, estate agents and property management companies in Shrewsbury in Shropshire and across Mid Wales and the West Midlands.

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Shrewsbury Electrician

Household, Domestic & Residential Electricians Near Shrewsbury

Are you looking for reliable and professional residential electrical services? At Mike Roberts Electrical Services Ltd, we pride ourselves on delivering a wide array of electrical solutions to meet all your needs. Our experienced domestic electricians are dedicated to ensuring your home remains safe, fully functional, and well-illuminated. Explore our extensive range of services below:

Complete Electrical Rewiring

When it’s time to overhaul your home’s electrical system, our complete rewiring services are second to none. Our skilled electricians will meticulously rewire your property, ensuring it complies with the latest safety standards. Whether you have an older home that needs an upgrade or are planning a significant renovation, trust us to handle your complete rewiring project with precision and care.

Partial Electrical Rewiring

If you’re facing electrical issues in specific areas of your home, our partial rewiring solutions are the ideal fix. We diagnose and address these issues efficiently, restoring electrical functionality where it’s needed most. Our experienced team will identify problem areas and deliver tailored solutions that prioritize your safety and convenience.

Consumer Unit (Fuse Board) Installation

Ensure the safety and efficiency of your electrical system by choosing us for consumer unit installations. Our experts will install or upgrade your fuse board, providing your home with the protection it needs against electrical faults and overloads. Trust our electricians to safeguard your property with state-of-the-art consumer units.

New Installations for Extensions

Planning an extension to your home? We specialize in seamless electrical installations for extensions, allowing you to expand your living space while maintaining electrical safety and functionality. Whether it’s a new kitchen, bedroom, or home office, we’ve got your electrical needs covered.

New Installations for Loft Conversions

Turn your underutilized loft into a functional space with our expert electrical solutions. We’ll handle all aspects of electrical installation, ensuring that your new loft conversion is well-lit, powered, and ready for your intended use. Enhance your home’s versatility with our loft conversion electrical services.

New Supplies for Garages or Sheds

Need power for your garage, workshop, or shed? We provide new electrical supplies to these outbuildings, ensuring you have the electricity necessary to power tools, lighting, and more. Get reliable, safe, and convenient electrical solutions where you need them.

Power Solutions

We offer a full range of power solutions, from electrical panel upgrades to circuit installations. Our team ensures that your electrical system is capable of handling your household’s demands efficiently and safely.

Socket Services

  • Replacement of Broken Sockets: Damaged or unsafe sockets are a hazard. Our electricians will replace them promptly, ensuring your home’s safety.
  • New Electrical Sockets: Need additional sockets? We’ll install new ones to accommodate your growing electrical needs.
  • Extra Electric Sockets: Experience convenience with extra sockets strategically placed throughout your home.

Lighting Services

  • New Lighting Points: Illuminate your home with additional lighting points in key areas.
  • Low Voltage Lighting: Enhance your space with energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing low voltage lighting solutions.
  • Replacement of Electrical Light Fittings: Upgrade outdated fixtures with modern, energy-efficient lighting options.
  • Installation of Outside Lighting: Extend the functionality and security of your outdoor spaces with our outdoor lighting installations.
  • Garden Lighting: Create a captivating ambiance in your garden with our garden lighting solutions.
  • Security Lighting: Ensure your property’s safety with strategically placed security lighting.

Appliance Connections

We offer seamless appliance connections, ensuring your household appliances function properly and safely. Whether it’s a new oven, dishwasher, or washer-dryer, we’ll handle the electrical connections.

Extractor Fans & Hoods

Enhance your kitchen’s air quality and ventilation with our extractor fan and hood installations. We prioritize safety and functionality to keep your kitchen clean and comfortable.

Burglar Alarms & Door Entry Systems

Secure your home with our advanced burglar alarm and door entry systems. Our experts will assess your property’s security needs and install systems that provide you with peace of mind.

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We will be happy to discuss your electrical installation costs, prices, estimates and quotes from changing a broken socket to a complete electrical rewire or an electrical inspection and test.

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