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Shrewsbury Electricians – Smart Home Automation & Security

Welcome to the world of smart home automation – where your smart home is designed and programmed for your enjoyment by a qualified electrical engineer, and installed by an NIC EIC approved electrician.

We offer advanced smart home automation design and installation services and we work with home owners, architects, builders and interior designers to create intelligent environments in prestige homes.

Imagine being able to control the mood and ambience in your new home with a single touch of a button… automatically drawing the curtains, dimming the lights, turning on your music and setting the temperature, all from a conveniently located touch-screen.

Or imagine how safe you’d feel in your home with a security system that automatically turns off the alarm, switches on the house lights and opens the blinds and shutters as you drive your car into the garage.

How much would you enjoy having guests over if you could instantly put your home into entertainment mode… automatically setting the interior lights to an intimate level, lighting the outdoor patio, piping your music to selected rooms and showing a film in your home cinema.

Tomorrow’s homes, today

It might sound like a futuristic fantasy, but all this, and much more, is now possible. Innovative home automation technology enables you to create an intelligent environment in your new home which can be controlled to suit your day-to-day lifestyle.

Today’s home automation systems provide unparalleled comfort, convenience, entertainment, energy conservation and security throughout your home.

The challenge of creating an intelligent environment

While an intelligent environment may be a desirable feature for your new home, few home owners know how to go about creating one. It can be a hugely complex project, requiring the coordination of several consultants, designers, equipment suppliers and tradespeople.

In most cases you’ll need:

  • Consultation to understand what’s available, what features you need, and how much it will cost
  • A specialist designer and engineer to design and document the systems, and liaise with the architect, builder and interior designer
  • Installation by experienced technicians and electricians
  • A project manager to coordinate all the contractors and trades-people
  • Programming and commissioning of the installed system, and on-going support and maintenance

An end-to-end smart home solution

We believe in making it easier to create intelligent environments in new homes. So we provide home owners, architects, builders and interior designers with an end-to-end home automation solution. Our specialist skills include developing scopes of work, design, engineering, documentation, project management, installation, commissioning and on-going support.

We relieve you of the burden of juggling the countless tasks associated with creating an intelligent environment in your new home. We look after the complexities of the project you have fewer problems, the work is streamlined, and ultimately you get a better and more cost-effective result.

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