System Service and Clean

Solar systems are a significant long-term investment and need to be maintained to ensure they continue to operate at optimum levels. We offer a thorough system maintenance and cleaning service that will keep your business investment in top working order and enhance the lifespan of your system.

The service and clean will include:

  • Full inspection and clean up of debris under the panels
  • Ensure cabling on roof and under panels are secured and not damaged
  • Inspect all panels for warranty defects
  • Wash panels
  • Inspect DC isolators on the roof and next to inverter
  • Inspect AC isolator
  • Inspect cabling running in roof cavity
  • Check inverter for correct operation
  • Inspect for water ingress and mechanical damage
  • Perform warranty repairs if required and document
  • Document repairs required that are not under warranty
  • Perform repairs if authorised by client
  • Provide report detailing the work undertaken
  • Service details and comments will be registered on our database for future reference

To enquire about this service, visit our contact page and select ‘system service and clean’ from the options and one of our team will be in touch.